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Why You Crave Sugar and How to Stop

It’s 3 pm, and you can practically hear that candy bar in your desk calling your name. All you can think about is the sweet, crunchy toffee wrapped in a layer of creamy chocolate. We’ve all been there. But why do we get urges like this, and how can you avoid giving in? Read on to find out the truth behind sugar cravings. Your body is incredibly intuitive. When you finish a meal without giving your body all of the nutrients it needs to produce energy, you will begin to crave the fastest, most da

Eat More Pumpkin: Here's Why

Ah, fall. As the leaves change and flutter to the ground and the cool autumn breeze blows through bare braches, there’s something other than fresh air coming on the wind. Pumpkin. Or, more specifically, pumpkin-flavored everything. Bread, cookies, cakes, and the oh-so-famous pumpkin spice latte. Children shrieking with joy as they carefully select their favorite pumpkin from the patch, and pies with extra helpings of whipped cream garnishing the Thanksgiving table. This iconic orange fruit (yes,

7 Ways to Use Food for Your Skin

Believe it or not, those ten products that you apply to your skin every morning and evening aren’t going to do you any good when you are filling your body with processed foods and sugary drinks like soda. Great skin starts from the inside out, and eating a whole foods diet with loads of vegetables, and limited sugar is a great way to recapture that youthful glow. Speaking of skin products, once you’ve changed your diet to help support healthy skin, you will want to take a long, hard look at wha

Unlock Your Body's Ability to Self Heal With This Simple Trick

Believe it or not, humans haven’t always worn shoes everywhere, traveled in cars, and lived in houses. At one point in history (and still in some places in the world) people walked barefoot everywhere. Roads were packed dirt and beds were mats of straw on the bare ground. Think about it for a moment, when was the last time you actually stepped onto the ground with your bare feet. Not the patio or, your porch, but the lush grass of your backyard or the sand on the edge of an ocean. Probably not v

5 Protein Packed Breakfast Bowls The Whole Family Will Love

Breakfast bowls are all the rage these days, with health influencers on Instagram sharing pictures of their meticulously arranged toppings and exotic fruit. As busy as most mornings are, however. This picture-perfect breakfast seems like nothing but a pipe dream. Fortunately, putting together a hearty breakfast bowl is not as difficult as you may think. Plus, it is an easy way to get your kids eating something other than cereal, which is full of added sugar and unhealthy ingredients. Whip up th

9 Things Your Cellphone May Be Doing to Your Health

Though you may not think twice before picking up your smartphone for the hundredth time today, research says you may want to consider the risks. This seemingly innocent device could be affecting your health more than you know. Read on to find out more. Phones are disgusting. In fact, according to one 2017 study, high levels of bacterial contamination could make your phone 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Think of all the things you touch throughout the day, and then think of how many times

7 Kitchen Hacks to Create Healthy and Quick Meals

I get it; your schedule is busy. You work, you exercise, you run errands, you spend time with your family and friends. Taking the time to eat can be hard. Taking the time to eat well is even harder. Or is it? In fact, cooking and preparing healthy, whole foods can often be just as quick as ordering takeout or popping in a frozen pizza…without the dangerous ramifications. If you’ve always wanted to start cooking healthy food at home, check out this article to help you create delicious meals even

Wondering If Oat Milk is All That?

Oat milk has often fallen in the shadow of other, plant-based milk alternatives such as coconut and almond milk. However, its recent surge in popularity and numerous benefits has made it a viable contender for the top spot. So what exactly is oat milk? Is it actually good for you? And what should you look for when buying this yummy milk? Oat milk is creamy and has the perfect level of natural sugar. In fact, many people think it simply tastes too good to actually be healthy. In reality, this de

7 Things Every Woman Over Fifty Must Do To Look and Feel Great

If you’re over 50, you may have given up trying to figure out how to balance your health due to the serious hormonal and physical fluctuations that come with this stage of life. Perimenopause, menopause, hot flashes, an expanding waistline, aches, and pains in your joints, wrinkles, and grey hairs may all be coming out to play as you head into this decade. But now isn’t the time to sit back and let the ravages of time destroy your health and beauty. You still deserve to look and feel your absolu

10 Really Cool Products You'll Never Believe Are Made From Recycled Plastic

Here is a staggering truth that we all need to embrace. Plastic is accumulating in our oceans at an alarming rate. In fact, at the rate things are going, plastic in the oceans is predicted to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. What a sad and very disappointing statistic that is. The fish are not the only ones in trouble, pollution has a direct impact on all sorts of marine life including seabirds, sea turtles, seals, and other marine animals. Thousands of these creatures are killed each

Warm Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here, and temptations abound. If you are trying to stay true to your healthy lifestyle, the days between Thanksgiving and New Years can be especially difficult. Office parties, family gatherings and lots of sugar-laden and rich, pretty food calls your name. But, you don’t have to cave, you can and will endure. Turn on moderation and enjoy these warm festive apple cider vinegar drinks that will keep you satisfied and energized all season long! Apple cider vinegar

Hiking 101: Getting Ready for Your First Hike

Studies show that hiking offers many physical and mental benefits. From decreasing anxiety and stress to preventing osteoporosis and building endurance. Fresh air, exercise and taking in beautiful sites can be exhilarating and uplifting as well as challenging. You might think, if you can walk, you can hike. For the most part, this is true, however, walking alone does not qualify you to take on the Appalachian Trail or the Continental Divide. Hiking involves uneven terrain, obstacles, and challe

Does Your Coffee Contain This Highly Toxic Heavy Metal?

Are you suffering from chronic health issues despite doing everything you can imagine to keep yourself healthy? You follow a nutritious, organic, whole food diet, exercise regularly, practice stress-relief techniques, take appropriate supplements and so on. Yet symptoms continue, even with your very best efforts. Perhaps you endure migraines, you feel fatigued even after a good night’s rest, your digestive system is out of whack causing constipation or other problems, you get sick more often, yo

Research Backed Reasons to Eat More Honey

As a backyard beekeeper, a naturopathic doctor, and the author of a popular book about honey…” liquid gold” is always on my mind. Excessive consumption of refined sugars found in processed foods plays a significant role in the plague of modern day chronic disease including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Honey is a minimally processed whole food that doubles as a bonafide medicine for a wide range of different medical problems and conditions. In conjunction with a minimally proces

13 Ways To Heal Knee Pain Naturally

The knee is the largest and most complicated joint in the human body, comprised of a number of ligaments and muscles. Connecting the two longest mechanical levers in the body, the thigh and the lower leg, forces are always acting on the knee joint. While the large thigh muscles give the knee strength and mobility it is the ligaments that surround the knee that provide the most stability. Not only does the knee joint bear the weight of the upper body but it also absorbs the shock when we walk or

Put Bread and Milk on Your Pubic Region to Remedy This Painful Condition

Most of us have had to deal with pesky ingrown hairs in our pubic region before. They often hurt and can be highly irritating, take a long time to heal and can even become infected. They happen when a strand of hair gets the crazy idea to curl backward or sideways into the skin. According to a study, of over 3000 women, 84% regularly removed their pubic hair. Some of these women would just do quick trim work while 62% would go “Barbie” removing all their hair. This results in an inflamed, red

Easy 3 Ingredients Snacks That Give You All Day Energy

There is nothing that hampers productivity more than constant hunger pangs. When you’re hungry, it is easy to become distracted, lethargic, and irritable. Not to mention that the midafternoon slump usually hits around the busiest part of the day and in your haste, its easy to grab an unhealthy, sugary snack or fast food. These type of indulgent treats such as fancy coffee drinks, chips, and french fries give your body the illusion of being full and can increase your hunger, leading to a vicious

14 Brilliant Uses For Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Regime

By now you are probably well aware of the reported positive effects of coconut oil in the body and the wild health benefit claims that surround it. This tropical secret is not so secret anymore, as the health and beauty worlds are consumed with this oil and its mainstream appeal is only growing. Millions of people across the globe are supplementing unhealthy cooking oils such as vegetable oil and cooking spray for the all-natural oil from this fragrant nut. Did you know that the uses of coconut

5 Herbs That Kick Hot Flashes to the Curb

Many women experience difficult transitions through perimenopause and into the menopause stage. During this period, which can last anywhere from 4-10 years, women frequently suffer from increased levels of anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, and weight changes. Thankfully, herbal remedies often prove beneficial in relieving the intensity of many menopause symptoms. A hot flash is a feeling of intense heat that is not explained by external temperatures. It is often characterized by an increase i

12 Ways To Naturally Flu-Proof Every Spot In Your Home

As the official flu season begins, it’s important to find ways to keep illness at bay. While the impact of the flu can vary, there is no doubt that it places a substantial burden on the health of millions of people in the U.S. every year. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that influenza has resulted in between 9.2 million and 60.8 million illnesses, between 140,000 and 710,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths annually since 2010. While It’s not possible to predi
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