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13 Foods that Could Kill Even the Most Adventurous Eater

Do you consider yourself to be an adventurous eater, always ready to try new and interesting cuisine? Where do you draw the line as far as eating things that are out-of-the-box? While some people will try just about anything for a palate thrill, there are foods, many considered a delicacy, that demand a particular type of respect and fear because they are capable of making a person very sick and even causing death. You have heard the saying, “death by chocolate,” right? This is a marketing ter

Fat is Back: Food Prices Rise to Meet Soaring Demand

Have you noticed the price of olive oil and avocados going up lately? What about dairy, are you paying more for your butter and cheese? It is likely that you are dishing out more of your hard earned money for these items because, after a very long time in the dark, fat is now back fashion. The increasing demand for healthy fat is putting pressure on farmers all over the globe who are having a hard time keeping up – causing an increase in food prices. Avocado growers, fish farmers, and butter p

10 Weird Ways to Use Onions

Onions aren’t just an easy way to add flavor to soup, a crunchy topping for your next sandwich or a great source of antioxidants with inflammation-reducing capabilities. These potent root vegetables actually have many strange uses that you’ve probably never heard of. From removing splinters to cleaning your grill, it’s time to take these eye-watering onions for a trip outside the kitchen. Though no one wants to walk around smelling like an onion, you can actually rub one on your arms and legs t

Congress Finally Frees Hemp From Jail: Big News For Farmers and CBD Industry

Thanks, Congress for passing the Farm Bill,  making hemp legal in America. Long ago outlawed and thrown in the Controlled Substance Act along with all forms of the cannabis plant, hemp has had the black label of a Schedule 1 drug since 1970. With the passing of the bill, however, CBD’s legal status is still a bit murky. Because the Drug Enforcement Administration classifies CBD as illegal, it has not said whether or not it will reclassify it now that hemp is legal to grow in America. At any rat

3 Research-Backed Rockstar Lemon Remedies That Really Work

Not only are they a tremendously cute and bight addition to any fruit bowl but they are also incredibly therapeutic. You would be surprised to know just how much healing power there is inside a lemon. Lemons are, without question, rockstars in the fruit world! If you have seen lemons as nothing more than a sweet little garnish, a little color on the side or perhaps a quaint squirt to add variety to water, you are missing out. Inside this little unassuming fruit are fiber, vitamin C and many hig

5 Weird Ways Inflammation is Messing with Your Health (and what you can do about it)

We are all guilty of ignoring the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways that our body’s tell us that something is out of whack. When we are busy, it is easy to brush off an occasional headache, muscle pain or even more severe issues like chronic allergies or constipation. What is important to understand is that all of these are symptoms of possible chronic inflammation. As a reminder, if you already didn’t know – chronic inflammation is behind over 95% of all western diseases such as diabetes

11 Reasons To Drink A Tbsp Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily + More Uses

You’ve probably heard the claims.  But even if you are aware of all that apple cider vinegar has to offer, you might find it hard to believe that just one food can offer so many benefits. Surprisingly (or maybe not) it’s true!  Drinking apple cider vinegar daily is a sure fire way to improve many aspects of your health and your life. Raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (or ‘ACV’ for short) is one of the oldest and most useful remedies on Earth.  It contains a wealth

What Your Ears Say About Your Health

How often do you pay attention to your ears? If you are like most people, you tend to ignore your ears – they are just kind of there on the side of your head. Ears actually have a few critical jobs to do including regulating balance and transmitting information about the position of your head to your brain. Not only that, but your ears also reveal a great deal about your health. Listen up, while we reveal just what your ears are trying to tell you: You might have diabetes Loss of hearing is t

8 Gadgets You Need To Make Your Home Healthier

In some cases, modern technology can have a negative impact on our health, such as staring at a screen just before bed, which can really mess up the quality of your sleep and too much screen use, can strain our eyes. But there are also a lot of high-tech devices that can enhance our health and well-being, including these gadgets that can make your home healthier. Most people don’t really think about dust, especially when it’s hiding in corners and underneath furniture. At least until it starts

Mix Lemons With These Three Things For Amazing Hair

Hair takes a beating. We often don’t think about what we subject our hair to on a daily basis. Just the vast amount of environmental toxins floating in the air can do damage to our locks over time. Not to mention the chemicals, including chlorine in water, sun, wind, dry air, and the countless products we may use to “help” make our hair look and feel its best. The irony about this is that many of the so-called “healthy’ products marketed to enrich, detangle, smooth, protect, etc., actually end

11 Scary Dangers Of Sitting Too Much & How To Fix It

Do you have a desk job? Sitting at a desk all day can be hazardous to your health. Sitting is not natural for humans who were designed to be on the move. However, it is estimated that 86% of American workers sit all day. On top of that, most sit when they get home from work. In total, Americans sit 13 hours per day and sleep for another 8. This means that for 21 hours a day, they are sedentary. Sitting has even been referred to as the new “smoking,” in terms of the damage it does to health and w

7 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Heart Health

You probably already know that following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are important habits for good heart health, but you probably don’t realize that there are many things you may be doing that have the opposite effect. There are multiple activities that few think twice about but can have a negative impact on heart health. Do you have any of these in common, heart-damaging bad habits? If so, it may be time to make some changes. The Mayo Clinic reports that people who sit for pro

5 Essential Oils Proven To Improve Memory

For years, essential oils have been the rage in the natural health arena. From improving your mood to helping stimulate healing, is there anything they can’t do? Whether you’re in school and test time is looming, or you’re concerned with aging gracefully and retaining your memory functions as you do so, there are a number of essential oils to help you achieve your goals. I’ve pulled together a list of my five favorite essential oils to improve memory, plus a few more recommendations for decrease

Coconut Oil in Your Coffee... You Bet

Coconut oil has been gaining a lot of popularity in the fast growing community of health conscious people. People in Asia and the Pacific Rim have used coconut products for thousands of years. They drank the milk, ate the flesh, turned the tree sap into sweet syrup, and weaved baskets with the leaves of coconut trees. In the 1950s, coconut oil, which you receive when you press the meat of the coconut, could be found in every household. With the low-fat craze that swept through the Western world

I Brushed My Teeth With Activated Charcoal For A Week

Charcoal is made from coal, hardwood, or softwood, peat, or even coconut shells.  It becomes “activated charcoal” when high temperatures are mixed with an activating agent to expand its surface area. As it burns hotter, charcoal is considered superior to wood, and so, historically, it became the fuel utilized to smelt ores, with its earliest recorded use dating all the way back to 3750 BC. The Egyptians and Sumerians produced charcoal for the reduction of copper, zinc and tin ores in the manufa

I Quit Sugar For 4 Weeks & This Is What Happened

Sugar is everywhere. Even in places, you’d never expect it. When I decided to give up sugar, I assumed that meant foregoing dessert and giving up my favorite snack – Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch cereal, but I soon learned that it was going to take a whole lot more than that. For years, I told myself that sugary treats, especially things like cereal, hard candies, jelly beans and the like, weren’t really all that bad for me because they contained little, if any, fat. When I had my cholesterol chec

Use These Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics For Radiant Skin

There are so many products out there these days promising to give us radiant, glowing skin that it can make your head spin just choosing one. Luckily, there is one seemingly unlikely candidate for a gorgeous complexion waiting patiently in your local organic grocer’s pantry: raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is an amazing concoction. It is made by crushing apples, collecting the juice and adding beneficial bacteria and yeast cultures to start the ferm

Wheat Is The Perfect Chronic Poison (Hint: Stop Eating It)

I am sure that the majority of you are well aware that processed, white, enriched wheat products contain zero nutritional value and are actually very bad for your health. What many don’t understand, however, is that products made with or containing whole wheat are actually no better for your health. In fact, all modern wheat will compromise health… end of story. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors collected all they could from the ground for food including insects, berries, nuts, etc. In their gath

Is Coconut Sugar Better Than Other Sugar?

Since as long as I can remember I have told my children that sugar is the devil. It disguises itself as all sorts of pleasantries but, in reality, it can kill you. Some may say that this was a harsh way to raise my children but it has saved me trips to the dentist and instilled in my children a very healthy fear. Today, they are all grown up. When I hear them telling others, “Stay away from sugar, it will kill you,” I have to chuckle. I know that it’s for the best and they are sending a message
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